Alejandra is an intimacy, sexuality and relationships empowerment coach and workshops facilitator with 10 years, on the field, experience .

She has a background in tantra, dance therapy, over 5000 hours of private sessions working with men exploring their sexuality and vulnerability, and 4 years of group therapeutic journeys working with both men and women to help them move through sexual shame, trauma, and deep seated relationship blocks and patterns.


In 2016 she co-created and co-founded 'Awakening Connections' with Shaney Marie, facilitating workshops to empower men and women to shed any disempowering beliefs about the opposite sex and understand the power they hold to bring out the best in the opposite gender, as well as tools to create enlivened and passionate relationships.


Today she continues to be devoted to teaching women about the radiance, magnetism, and enchantment of their feminine essence, the deep inner beauty of their vulnerability and the secrets to bringing men into a place of deep love and heart centred power.


Her mission is to support humanity to bravely open up their hearts to new paradigms of deeply authentic and sexy relating, and restoring harmony between the sexes.

© 2015 Alejandra Nicolazzo

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