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Alejandra hosts live in-person events, masterclasses and workshops all across Australia, as well as global digital immersions.

These deep dive events are your private invitation to heal. Your invitation to come to know your honesty + truth. Your invitation to develop intimacy and vulnerability and stretch yourself.



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Awakening Men - A training for women online

This immersion training for women is designed to release dis-empowering beliefs and discover how to awaken the hearts and souls of the men they love and support.

Awakening Men is a deeply transformative journey for those women ready to go to their depths and question everything they thought they knew about men – and themselves.

This training supports women to integrate and embrace the teachings of conscious relating into their own life as well as to release the emotional wounds the hold in relationship to men.

If you are experiencing emotional drama and misunderstandings, not feeling fully met, closure of the heart, unmet needs emotionally or sexually, or dysfunction in your relationships with men even in little ways you have outdated beliefs and conditioning running in your psyche and it’s time for an upgrade.

This work is about going deeply into self reflection. You will let go of the emotional baggage and wounding you hold around men. Cleansing your psyche of the hidden expectations, agenda’s and resentments that are sabotaging your receptivity to the divine fucking exquisiteness you yearn for in deep deep connection and intimacy.

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I am forever changed.


I am forever changed.  The world has transformed. I see with new eyes.
With a heart that is fuller than ever before




This training has exceeded all of my expectations!...

What brought me here was a desire to have amazing relationships throughout my whole life.

I’ve watched my parents have a really platonic relationship when they’ve been married for 35 years. That makes me sad because I believe intimate relating is one of the spaces that’s most powerful in our lives for personal and spiritual growth. So I want to make sure my relationships are juicy and deep and intimate and connected and yummy and I don’t want to get to my 60’s and not be having sex with my partner and be really disconnected and not have that depth in my life.

I knew the pathway for me to achieve that was to really master myself in my relationships with men and to really understand men but also have the tools to connect with men in the way they need to be connected with because it’s different to how women need to be connected with.

And I feel like with that as my intention this training has exceeded all of my expectations!

I’m ready to go out and create those amazing juicy relationships in my life and really see men in a new light.






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