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The Filthy Love Rich Mentoring Program is the only offer that features exclusive & personalised coaching support.

We build momentum and pace by helping you navigate intimate challenges in real time, and explore relating dynamics and patterns, when they arise.

Together, we will expose and liberate you from the barriers that are holding you back from creating the relationship you dream of having.

This process also includes cultivating an intimate relationship with yourself.

With regular sessions and commitment, we will transcend long standing patterns that are keeping you love stuck, and keeping you love impoverished.

This is a deep and layered proces which involves weekly private sessions, with email and text suport in between, As the nature of the Filthy Love Rich mentoring is bespoke, and customized for each and every client journey, I can only take a small intake of clients each year, subject to my scheduling availability. By the time this mentorship is complete, you will know yourself as the 1% of a rare breed of timelessly beautiful, alluring and magnetic women that hold the keys to growing, inspiring, cultivating, arousing endless love, adoration and desire. Whether you are ready to transform your relationship with yourself or with others, or both, gift yourself a whole new world of relationship success.


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‘When I decided to work with Alejandra I was completely lost, thinking I was undateable and unlovable. Completely disconnected to my power and holding absolutely zero self love and body love. During our sessions we went to depths I have never been before and I can't begin to express how much value I gained by working with Alejandra. As our sessions unfolded I began feeling a fierce claiming of my story and myself. Which in turn made me feel powerful, strong, connected and worthy.

I have come so far with being comfortable around men, I love myself more richly, I accept my wildness and love my anger, I have rebuilt my beliefs around men and I fully believe I am an incredible partner with so much to offer regardless of where I'm at because it's all beautiful, even the mess. I am much more accepting of myself and can truly be myself. This work was a gamer changer for me! It transformed my relationship to myself and to the men around me and for that I will be forever grateful.

Alejandra was exactly what I needed. Her vast knowledge and experience supported me as I journeyed through many different things during our sessions. Her expertise and resource base is outstanding and I love how real and raw she is.


I am incredibly grateful to Ale for showing me how capable I am to deepen my connection to self. Ale’s intuition blew me away with each session unfolding with such power, enabling true significant change in my life.’




‘Before working with Alejandra I was trying to suppress negative emotions and be perfect in all areas of my life. As a result I was pretty numb, controlling and isolated.

I had gotten to the point of giving up on dating and thinking maybe I just wouldn't find a partner for life. Working with Alejandra has opened my heart and my experience of myself and the world. Every day I receive so much from having the tools to feel what is there, move it and ask for what I need. It has given me such a strong sense of safety and peace that I trust I can navigate whatever happens in my life and her teachings on how to navigate my feelings have given me that.

The most obvious external result from our work together is a relationship beyond my wildest dreams with my dream man. But actually the biggest shift has been in my relationship with myself.


I really love and know myself.


Phoar that has impacted every aspect of my life as I don't outsource love and validation of myself.

Additionally, I understand myself and how I relate to others so much more that I really have the skill to bring out the best in others. This has led me to earn more whilst working less in my corporate job, building an amazing group of female friends and sisters in my life and so much inner peace. I can’t thank you enough Alejandra, you are a magical and very ‘real’ facilitator.’




“I hadn’t been in a space like this before, to explore a part of my life that is so deeply personal, and so important to me. My Mentoring experience has been potent, beautiful and organic.

Thank you Ale for holding such a beautiful space for me to explore my most raw and vulnerable sides; sides that the outer world is not privy to.

Deep gratitude for the openings that have occurred for me though our sessions together. There are so many. You really are the ‘Relationship Whisperer’, and I am so honoured to have journeyed with you.

You really are the ‘Relationship Whisperer’, and I am so honoured to have journeyed with you.

You always speak the truth, call me out gently and listen deeply. I trust you, and I trust your relationship wisdom.


Susan Santoro





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