February 27th - March 1st - Melbourne, Australia

A 4 day immersion for WOMEN, DESIGNED TO RELEASE DIS-EMPOWERING BELIEFS and discover how to AWAKEN the hearts and souls of the MEN THEY LOVE AND SUPPORT 


Awakening men is a workshop experience in Melbourne Victoria Australia facilitated by Shaney Marie, Alejandra Nicolazzo and Jared Osborne.


This training is designed to support women to release the deep wounds they hold in relationship to men as well as to integrate and embrace the teachings of sacred sexuality and conscious relating into their own work and life.


Whether you are a lover, a wife, a mother, a tantrika, a therapist, a sex worker or a women looking to gain greater understanding when it comes to men and male sexuality, this training is a game changer and something all women would benefit from.


Described as “life changing”  “paradigm shifting” “transformational”


Awakening men is a training that has the potential to completely shift all that YOU ever thought you knew about men.

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