Initial Consultation (Online): 

 This is a great opportunity to get to know me and get a sense of how we can work together! During this session, we can discuss and work through, your goals / challenges around relating, dating and intimacy.   

Look forward to meeting you!

IMPORTANT - This is a special, ONE time ONLY, introductory price of $99, reduced from my regular price of $250 per session.  Sessions go for 1 hour, but may extend out to 1.5 hrs if needed.


Stand Alone Sessions (Online): 


Heart broken? Disappointed? Frustrated?  These sessions are available for those that need occasional support to transcend a current issue. One session maybe all you need!

Lets get this sorted!!

per session.  Sessions go for 1 hour, but may extend out to 1.5 hrs if needed.

3 Month Journey for the woman that knows she deserves to be FILTHY LOVE RICH (Online) - Limited Intake: 

This is where things get interesting! When you commit to a minimum of six sessions, we can really push past your comfort zone, take risks, move past resistance and overcome long standing patterns that are keeping your love life 'stuck', repeating the same pattern over and over and leaving you "love impoverished". 

Gift yourself a new world or relationship success. 





For those of you that are really ready to overhaul your entire relationship paradigm also  check out the Awakening Men program (Learn to bring out the best in the men in your life) OR if you truly mean business ask about my exclusive black label offering.  


- How to reduce unnecessary suffering from a break up whilst still honouring the healing process of separation and return home to yourself. 

- How to fall deeply in love with yourself (first and foremost) and celebrate the real you! Shed shame and expand into being unapologetically YOU! 

- How to SAFELY open to love with the 'right' man & STAY in love.

- How to bring out the very best in men;  How to bring a 'NICE GUY' into his power and how to bring a 'POWER GUY' or a 'PLAYER' into his heart.

- How to inspire men to treat you like the QUEEN that you are and hold strong yet graceful boundaries!!!

- How to break disempowering relationship patterns and create the space for a whole new world of healthy, enlivened relating.

- How to experience yourself as a magnetic, alluring, deliciously irresistible woman, who is at choice!!!

- How to work through compatibility; challenges in values, communication and sex!

- When to try 'harder' and when to 'Let go'.

- IF SINGLE - How to bring pleasure and play to dating so that it is a joyful journey, instead of something to fear, or 'get through' in order to achieve an outcome.

- IF COUPLED - How to inspire your partner to want to take you out on dates again!! How to bring back the fire and passion into the relationship!

- How to experience relationship as a vehicle for expansion and growth, reframing relationship challenges so that you are empowered to navigate the storms together. 

- Tools to fight fair and fight sexy! How can your differences in relationship create aliveness and deeper understanding and connection, instead of causing more harm or activating trauma and distance. 

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