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Welcome to the Opening to Love experience...

For the Single Gal, that’s NOT quite ready for love…   just YET!

Opening to Love is an 8 week digital program designed to help you gently open up to love. You will foster self love, gain confidence, and to be empowered to explore the best dating experiences of your life


If you have been closed off to love or relationship and you are feeling that maybe it’s time to gently dip your toe in the water, this is the perfect journey for you...

We will be focusing on creating a foundation of self trust and self relationship.

We will also build your confidence sky high, arming you with tools that will allow you to confidently attract beautiful men that will honour and care for your heart, and respect your boundaries. We will prepare you to enjoy an empowered experience of dating and relating, perhaps unlike anything you have experienced before.



And then the day came,

when the risk

to remain tight

in a bud

was more painful

than the risk

it took

to blossom.


Anais Nin

From Fear to Empowered Self Love

maybe later...


Perhaps it feels safer to just continue as you are. After all, in many ways you’ve been just fine on your own. And yet your heart whispers a secret longing, to be deeply met, to be safe enough to surrender and let go, to be kissed, to be held, to have another look into your soul and know you are truly loved.

A part of you, a tender part of you, wants to know that it is possible for you to find love. That perhaps there are men out there that you can truly feel safe with. That in spite of your past heartbreaks and experiences you can love and trust again.

I want you to know that I know, without a shadow of a doubt that this is possible for you. In working intimately with thousands of men and hundreds of women, I’ve come to realise that it is a high self worth and deep self knowing that creates safety and healthy choices in love. It’s my mission to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to safely open to a whole new world of lovin’.

I’m going to be your confidant & best friend...

I am an intimacy, sexuality and relationships empowerment guide. In my career, I have deeply journeyed into all the realms of human relating with both men and women, and have over 5000 hours of deep intimacy and archetypal coaching & workshop facilitation experience.


And, I bring this all to you...


I will help you understand the immense power of your feminine essence and show you how to fall madly in love with yourself first and foremost. By providing you the tools to bring out the best in the opposite sex, you will be supported with the choice to bring your relationship vision to life

I will remind you of the precious gift that you are and the privilege that loving you is.

I will ensure that you remember your value and standards and make relationship choices that are worthy of you and aligned with what you most deeply desire. 

will be your grounded pillar when you feel a little love drunk, and help you break out of or stear clear of love addictions that don’t match with your greatest relationship vision.

I will celebrate the small, medium and big wins with you along the way.

I will guide you and give you everything I have, until you clearly see the precious gift that you are and the privilege that loving you is.

Our client praise...

Alejandra's expertise in love, relationships and sexual power is unmatched by others in this field of work. She has a wealth of wisdom, experience and facilitation in this realm that offers a phenomenal level of clarity and potency in the sessions she offers.

She is a powerful and gifted leader, and her love is as fierce as it is compassionate. I feel deeply grateful for the way Ale met me in the space of brokenness that I was in, and loving brought me home to myself.

Before working with Ale I was lost, confused and had been giving my power away in relationships. I was expressing my sexuality in a distorted and manipulative way. I'd previously felt very sexually liberated and also deeply connected to my heart, but realised through working with her that while both of those things were true.

Working with Ale was exactly what I needed at a time of despair and brokenness, and without her support, I wouldn't have been able to open my heart to loving myself or others again as quickly as I have. It shifted my perspective of myself, my relationship patterns, and how connected I am to my heart and sex.


Now I feel more free to express my feelings and heart in conjunction with my sexuality and romance. I am more open and connected in both areas of my life, and relate to myself in new ways too. I was previously dissociated my heart and my sex, and now feel safer to bring my heart into my sexual experience, and am more discerning in who and how I engage intimately with others.


I felt seen, supported and loved despite my circumstances. As I continued to embody the work, I could hear Ale's voice in my head reminding me of my own power. As a direct result of working with Alejandra, I've seen myself shift into new levels of emotional intelligence and honouring my big feeling heart as a source of power and love in my life.

Thank you Ale. You are a beacon and light in the world of sex and relating.


Lindsay Stillwell


‘I’m like a little school girl with butterflies in my stomach. The conversation just kept flowing and it was easy, and I attempted to respond as you advised and every time I did, he would reply and it was actually exciting! Unlike prior conversations in the past.

We ended up talking until 1 am. I woke up the next morning and I felt sparkly! It’s been 1.5 to 2 years since I started this online dating thing, and I’ve never, ever, ever had a chat until the early hours of the morning that has been easy, and flowing and lasted so long. And in that whole time I’ve only ever been on one date and this guy is already talking about meeting up when we can, and I said yes!


I'm MIND BLOWN with what we’ve all discovered about ourselves this week!’



Results from Week One of the 'Opening to Love Program


You really are the ‘Relationship Whisperer’

                             and I am so honoured to have journeyed with you.

“I hadn’t been in a space like this before, to explore a part of my life that is so deeply personal, and so important to me. My mentoring experience has been potent, beautiful and organic.

Thank you Ale for holding such a beautiful space for me to explore my most raw and vulnerable sides; sides that the outer world is not privy to.

Deep gratitude for the openings that have occurred for me though our sessions together. There are so many.


Susan Santoro



‘Ever since I started working with you Ale, I have been on dates, received attention, and have welcomed in help from men constantly. I am having great conversations.

I feel like I am a Queen and all these beautiful men just want to be around me."




Alejandra is a love wizard...

Unfolding & unearthing my deepest beliefs & stories around love, that have remained hidden from my view, yet have always reared their head in creating familiar patterns. I will never see the world of ‘love’ the same again! My perspective is now healthy, refreshed, open & multidimensional. Alejandra has worked alongside me to discover what it is I want in love & to gain clarity in what that may look like.

Before I participated in working with Alejandra I was closed minded, a victim, with a closed heart. Initially I felt challenged, vulnerable & nervous to revisit old wounds, but Alejandra created a safe space that held our emotions. I needed the safe space that Alejandra created each week to explore my vulnerability, the vulnerability required to make connections.


The valuable teachings she has offered forward have been an investment that will be with me forever, & these teachings can most definitely be applied to all relationships in my life.


After the journey I felt renewed, alive, vibrant & excited. I have gained a new depth of self understanding & respect for myself. I've discovered my own self worth & my place in the world & that is priceless! My confidence has soared 10 fold, I walk taller & celebrate myself daily.




Opening to Love is for the woman that acknowledges that she isn’t quite ready for a full fledged relationship just yet, she knows that there is work to be done first. She already knows that she doesn’t need a relationship but if she is completely honest she does want one day, someday.

If she is going to open her heart again it has to be right. She doesn’t ever want to settle again. She doesn’t want to compromise her values, she doesn’t want to have to lose herself or beg for love, she does not want to repeat past mistakes and find herself enslaved to love or a fool to love.

It has to be a love where she feels cherished and safe or she’d rather not go there at all.


I hear you
I see you
I was you


That is where Opening to Love can help, by giving you a map into the riches of your inner world where we will uncover and dismantle any obstacles to your experience of love.


Opening to Love is specifically designed for women, who, like yourself have been closed to the possibility of love and are ready to create the solid foundations to a new romantic adventure It’s an 8 week online journey for women who are committed to doing the inner work required to transform their current relationship status quo. The Opening to Love program will help you see yourself, prospective dates or partners, the journey of love, and most likely life itself from an entirely new vantage point. The vantage point required to attract, cultivate and ignite long lasting healthy, delicious love. It will feel safe and enlivening and exciting, Because as you edge yourself towards the possibility of creating the relationship of your dreams you will hold within the knowing that you are capable of manifesting an endless supply of love for yourself.

This is an intimate offering for                                       


              who want to...










Safely open to love (with the right men)

Balance sensitivity and vulnerability with firm loving boundaries; inspire men to treat them like the Queen that they are and hold strong yet graceful boundaries.

Connect with both your longing and your fear to gently peel back any barriers to love.

Learn to be an attraction magnet goddess, whilst maintaining solid discernment. You’ll get to experience yourself as an alluring, deliciously irresistible woman, who is at choice.

The ins and outs of Virtual Dating; how to turn the daunting world of online dating into the perfect practice playground.

Visioning your relationship future and doing the preparation work to be ready to let love in Break disempowering relationship patterns and create the space for a whole new world of healthy, enlivened relating.

This is NOT for                                       



Want me to do the work for them.

I simply can’t. I can guide you but you have to be willing to participate whole heartedly in the process.


Women who are unwilling to step out of their comfort zone.

I need you to dare a little so we can create some magic together :)


Women who won't champion other women.

The online groups are open to women who will care for each other, protect each others privacy, and bring a spirit of compassion and non judgment to the group


Women who want tips and tricks to 'hook' men.

This journey is not about manipulating men to love you, this isn’t true love, and it doesn’t lead to sustainable love. You need to be willing to do the inner work.

Over the course of 8 weeks we will journey through a delicate process that will empower you to SAFELY choose to welcome romantic, sexy, love into your life.

By the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll leave with the knowing that you can, if you so choose, create a relationship that is soul aligned, loving, healthy and sexy. A partnership that brings out the very best in you and where you can relax, be yourself, and bring out the best in him too.

As the group is intimate, there is time and space for tailored coaching during the masterclasses as well as flexibility to shape the session to suit what is most needed to propel you forward in your love evolution. During our time together, I can diagnose where your blocks and challenges are, and help you make powerful shifts and adjustments that will render new results that are congruent with what you desire!


The journey also includes a deliciously alive and engaging online group made up of beautiful women who want to bring out the best in one another. A bit like a best friend’s club where we get to talk men to our hearts content. This is where we remind each other of how amazing we are, with or without men.


A deliciously collaborative, supportive and inspiring space to visit any time you want to connect in and receive support and guidance. As well as a space where we can learn from one another.

Your Opening to Love Program & Exclusive Membership Access

Weekly educational videos and specific resources supporting your Opening to Love. I bring my wisdom, my deep knowledge and thousands of hours of experience and results in all the realms of love and relating.

Amazing Weekly ‘Opening to Love’ Masterclass

You’ll enjoy a 2 hour Weekly Masterclass where we can dive deeply into your Opening to Love. There will be ample time to receive individual and personalised coaching whilst having breakthroughs as a result of learning from the experiences of the other women’s journeys and histories.

Alejandra’s Wisdom and Guidance

I have an extensive background in tantra, dance therapy and over 5000 hours of coaching, and over 10 years field experience as a Workshop Facilitator. My work is devoted specifically to helping women find real love, and when you join my offerings you have access to the wisdom of my specialisation. My focus area of expertise is in helping clients with deep seated relationship blocks and patterns.

Unlimited Private Facebook Group and Support

This is where you can have even more access to my energy, and my mindset to keep you high vibing and on track for love. In the group you can bring up anything you want and most need. Your world as you know it, will shift. I know it works, if you follow the program, show up, trust, do the soul work and dive in deep.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 14 days of commencing the Program. We offer you this Guarantee within the first 14 days of commencing only if you aren’t completely satisfied with the quality of the program. We don’t offer this for change of mind, and I only offer this because I so believe in the value that this process offers. I have poured my heart and soul into this program and it’s jam packed full of practical, soulful and revolutionary material.



How to passionately love your single life and yet connect with your longing for union

How to develop strong boundaries and sharp discernement

How to develop your heart maturity and align your heart with your mind and sex so that you only find yourself feeling attracted to men that are good for you.



How to self resource so as to not leave yourself dependant on men



How to turn dating into a game of personal growth

Visioning a healthy relationship that you can be excited about





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